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Halle Kirsten Star

Halle Kirsten

Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
Hello everyone!! Sorry that I haven't been very active lately, but hopefully that is going to change.
Choreographer: Roberto Benejan

Click the link below 👇🏼https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1423371277709053&id=11553224545…
Postnova Stanislava (Ruby Tear) for Zefir Dancewear (2016)
Ph. Uncredited
Untitled by Irina Roik (2013)
Video image
HI!!!! As I promised, here is another dance that I was working on!!! The choreography is by @mattsteffanina!!! I hope you guys like it!!!
Video image
Here is something that I was working on!!! The choreography is by @mattsteffanina!! I hope you guys like it!!!
Madison Rayn by Jason Lavengood (2016)
and 1 more photo…
With Joealis Filippetti in the year 2015. First picture was taking an acting class, and the second picture was taking a hip hop class with her. #TB
Anna Russell by Vihao Pham (2016)
http://bit.ly/2bTEjh2; http://bit.ly/2bLQr7L
ojiharka via her instagram (2016c)
Practice the Drama by Ed Flores (2016)
and 5 more photos…
With Kendrick Mart, Karina Ortiz, Denise Yuri Disla, Fabiola Sofia Guadalupe Rosario, David Perez, and Christopher Rivera in the year 2014!!! #TB #ThisIsMe
With Juana La Chispa dancing Flamenco in the year 2014!! #TB
With James Alsop (Beyonce's choreographer) in the year 2013!!! #Dance #ThisIsMe #LoveIt
and 1 more photo…
With Mari Koda!!! The first picture was in the year 2014 and the second picture was this year. #TB #Dance
and 3 more photos…
With the Lombard Twins in the year 2014!!! Had a blast!! #DancingTogether #DancingTap #Dancer #Dance #TB
Video image
HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!Here is something I was working on. Hope you guys like it!! Please leave comments to let me know if you liked the dance. I will be uploading more dance videos soon. Thank you guys, and thank you Dance.com for giving this o… more
I have a Twitter account now look me up as _HalleKirsten!! Thank you!!
Going to be posting some dance videos soon!!! Can't wait!!! 😁

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