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A safe space for choreographers to dancechat.
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Emily Bufferd
From New York, NY, United States
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hey there choreographers,i'm writing a blog (http://balletvoices.blogspot.lu/) with my friend Amanda K. and I'd love to write a post in collaboration with some choreographers. I want to write about the choreographing-process - the steps, the … more
On this episode of DLEW, I talk with Monica Newsam, President of Newsam Aerial Dance.

How does a young artist develop their own values and style in their work? They start thinking about what sets them apart from everyone else. Tune in to hea… more

edited about a year ago

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STOP worrying about how you FEEL, and START worrying about how you COMMUNICATE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9wp-wJbZb4 @Contemporary @Modern @Ballet #choreographers @DanceTeachers @Choreographers
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STEPS - Four people who learn from supporting each other what it means to stand alone.

Choreographed by: Andrea Muhlbauer
​Performed by: Symone Sanz​, Lindsey Jennings​, Mary Kate Ford​, Andrea Muhlbauer
Music: "The Way Back" by Tara Terr… more

edited about a year ago

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You can't do it all alone. Whether you want to be a PROFESSIONAL artist or you just want your work to LOOK more professional... it's all about COLLABORATION. P.S. Take me up on the challenge at the end of this video and I'll make you my nex… more
SPECIAL EDITION DLEW: This DLEW Episode is ON SITE at Allerton Park! Listen to co-host Tyler Hixson and I talk about how we’re preparing for my newest dance film “STEPS.” I’ll break down exactly HOW I put a dance piece together from START to … more
Crystal Pite is one of my favorites. Here's why. #wisdom #dancequote @Contemporary @Choreographers @choreography #beautiful

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